About me

I’m a university lecturer in conflict resolution, in between university appointments, and I’m off to Thailand for seven months for a change of pace and some adventures!

For the first four months I will be working on a project called Peace Revolution.  I will be based at the Dhammakaya Foundation, just north of Bangkok.

For the last three months I will be a Rotary World Peace Fellow, based at Chulalongkorn University in central Bangkok.


9 responses to “About me

  1. Hey there Sam – great fun reading about your adventures! Keep it coming!!

  2. A friend emailed your blog to me this morning thinking I may be interested or inspired by it having just come back from a month in India where I studied Buddhist philosophy at the Central University of Tibetan Studies….and I am! Sounds and looks amazing…will stay tuned!

  3. Hi Sam

    This has been amazing, I have been fascinated by the whole experience you are having. I think after this you will be a totally different person.

    Thinking of you back here in Brisbane.

    Warm wishes


  4. Hi Sam,

    I love your adventures. I had no idea that you were going to undergo such intense training..Hang in there!


  5. Hi Sam

    Glad to see you have had some visitors to share your experiences as well. Lots of great images. I’ve only been to Bangkok for a few days on business but it was very interesting. Stayed in a very luxurious hotel which was a treat. someone took me for dinner to a place called hte Vertigo Sky Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel – the views were amazing. Cheers Cathryn

  6. Hi Sam, have enjoyed reading of your adventures in Thailand and ruminating about many of the thoughts you have had.
    I am coming to Phuket at the end of June – will you still be in Bangkok?
    We miss you in Melbourne, the talk, the work, the friendship. Keep sharing your thoughts…

    • Hi Julie, I miss all you LIV folks! I’m here in Thailand until September so looking forward to seeing you when you’re going through Bangkok! Will be great to see you!

  7. Hi Sam! I enjoy your blog very much. I will be a student in Thailand in January 2012. I’m gonna be at chula university. after reading around your blog, my excitement to go there is 20 times stronger, looks like an amazing place! Please continue posting stuff from chula so I can get familiar with it before hand, thanks

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